Net Wave strives to minimize it's impact on the environment.
Here is what we're doing to be environmentally responsible:


Green Office
Net Wave's office is in a United States Green Building Council Gold Certified building. The new building uses many environmentally friendly practices such as a Geo-Thermal heat exchange system, 80% landfill waste diversion and low or no V.O.C interior finishes. Learn more about the USGBC and green building here.

Renewable Energy
Net Wave offsets the office power consumption by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits or RECs. Purchasing RECs means that the energy we use is added to the power grid from a renewable energy facility and supports the further development of these facilities. Learn more about Renewable Energy

Green Hosting
Net Wave's hosting servers also use Renewable Energy Credits. Since hosting servers run 24 hours a day, energy consumption can add up. The equipment used is now 36% more efficient than a traditional server. In addition 130% of the energy used to power these servers comes from RECs. That means that we're not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we're reversing it! Learn more about our hosting RECs here.

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